Nomadic UnityHub about Ekaterina & Dimitar on Youtube.

Dimitar Hristov is a woodcarver. Couple of years ago he has built a vessel. An exact copy of King Rhesus fighting frigate. The one he uses to reach Troy. The frigate construction has been ordered by the Bulgarian National TV show – “Terra incognita”. Dimitar has created the Etropole Monastery Temple iconostasis. He builds boats & yachts, also he restores vintage vehicles. So Hristov has a dream. To create a Craft school for kids under the trees. On the river bank, where his house & art ground are. He already has started fulfilling his dream together with Ekaterina.

Her name is Ekaterina Kostadinova. For the last 25 years she has been dealing wtih cermaics. Not only that, but she also creates gorgeously handmade treasures made out of waste glass. She is a Chamber of Crafts of Bulgaria member. Ekaterina has her own atelier is Sofia, Bulgaria. Over the years she has organized ceramics workshops for children with disabilities.

You could find more detailed info about Ekaterina & Dimitar in bulgarian here.

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