Tsvetina Petkova about UnityHub

Tsvetina Petkova about UnityHub

Nomadic UnityHub is an NGO, aiming sustainable & innovative development of rural areas in Bulgaria. Creating coworking & coliving spaces in the Nature. Giving the young people different perspective of lifestyle.

In Bulgaria there are about 1,000 uninhabited villages. “Many are for sale and are being bought by foreign jet setters. These are places with charm and magic that stopped attracting people because nothing was happening there. We believe it is time to redistribute the wealth and spread the exchange of value throughout our territory, to reclaim our heritage restoring life, economic activity and opportunities to these unique places.”

UnityHub creates a working model that shows how we could have a sustainable lifestyle in rural areas. We have chosen to explore the best practices regarding renewable sources of energy, since we have started establishing our first location – ZeLLin House. This is an old house, 50 km away from Sofia. We have started establishing entrepreneurial environment for startups, digital nomads, freelancers and corporate teams.

Building a coworking environment (Network) and organizing entrepreneurial events by using the digital technologies is not enough. We also are eager to implement the best way possible the green energy practices We believe preserving the environment we are inhabiting, is a crucial and vital moment for our future thriving.

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