Nowadays the usage of the word “office” is becoming outdated. Coworking is the new way. Coworking is more than providing comfortable workspaces. An office is not just a desk and high speed internet anymore. At ZeLLin House, we offer you a community of like-minded location independent workers. A place to share experience, knowledge and learn new set of skills. Be more productive and focus under the sun in a relaxed and creative environment.

  • While we are still working on the coworking area, you are more than welcome to enjoy our patio working experiences.
  • Up to 20 workspaces with 24/7 access (during the summer)
  • 100 mbps/100 mbps internet fiber connection
  • Chill out patio
  • Regular events and meetups
  • Become one of us by getting involved in our building ZeLLin House process
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