The modern design of a coworking and co-living space is something quite vital. The concept of co-working and co-living creates a working & housing environment that supports social interaction, openness, knowledge sharing, collaboration & innovation. So that means we thrive to provide a modern co-working ambience at ZeLLin House. So we combine the trendy lifetstyle and the urban commoditites with all “the perks” that Nature offers us.

Nomadic UnityHub is working on building a dedicated workspaces with mountain views. Our ZeLLin House is located in mountain area, just under the highway, coming from Sofia, Bulgaria.

ZeLLin House was built in 1938 and throughout the years it has changed a lot. After the renovation we have done, now we have cosy, authentic private & shared rooms. Rooms that would make you feel home again.

More about ZeLLin House here.

Stay with us!  
Stay with us!