Software engineer
Brief info

Georgi is a full-time software engineer in a software company in Sofia, Bulgaria. Along with his family, he lives in Botevgrad. When home-office based, he prefers to work outside in the nature, especially at ZeLLin House.

He has started creating a pizza pavilion in the vicinity of town of Botevgrad. Georgi is really passionate in spreading the word about better understanding what art of pizza is and how it should be made.

He is one of those proactive locals eager to meet new like-minded people from around the world. He believes we all as a community are capable of changing the local environment, by offering local services & products. By setting personal examples.

Being part of UnityHub, he is taking care of the home-made pizza & expanding our network. Last but not least, you could find him playing his guitar at ZeLLin House.

Georgi loves playing with his children and playing various live music. His hobbies include running & bike riding.

“If you want something done, do it yourself!”

Stay with us!  
Stay with us!