Architect, Natural building materials, Healthy environment design
Brief info

Iva Delova is an architect, specialized in natural material buildings (techniques with strawbale, wood, clay) and healthy homes. The interaction between nature and human beings is what she calls architecture.

The feeling of warmth and passion moves her. Warmth from the fact that you could appreciate a place (the nature). To feel yourself ‘at home’. And passion due to the fact that you could recreate it in a sustainable way.

She is co-founder of Association for building with natural materials and Homenest architectural studio. She supports various cultural and social initiatives related to environmental protection, preservation of our national heritage and sustainable development.

She joined UnityHub in the beginning, because the topics of co-living, co-working and building up communities close to nature, are very close to her heart, experiences and beliefs.

“I believe that architecture is much more than construction of buildings. It is an attempt to create future and better reality… now.”

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Stay with us!