Student Counselor & Founder of Study Buddy
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Marika is experienced student consultant working in the field of international higher education. She is the founder of Study Buddy - Study Abroad For Free, educational consultant who can help you study at a foreign university for free or to receive scholarship or loan. Marika is ICEF Certified Student Counselor and has a diploma for Design Thinking Coach.

She graduated high school in Moscow, Russia, where she lived with her parents at that time. Marika studied her bachelor degree at Breda University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands and her master degree at Uppsala University in Sweden. There she receives Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and has been involved in many volunteer activities in the start-up scene in Sweden.

Marika loves to travel and enjoys working with young people, sharing her experience of being an international student. This is why after many years of working in the field of international higher education she decided to combine her two greatest passions - education and start-ups by founding Study Buddy.

Her mission is to help, motivate and coach youngsters in Bulgaria on how to receive recognized foreign education and and how to make their first steps while relocating for their studies abroad.

Last but not least, Marika was born and living now in Botevgrad. She is one of our local developers and she became part of UnityHub in 2018.

“Not all classrooms have four walls.”

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Stay with us!