Chairman of STOOS Network Bulgaria & Manager of INCH-FRIGO
Brief info

Nikolay Chalakov is a Chairman of the Innovative Management Association "STOOS Network Bulgaria". He also is a Manager at INCH-FRIGO EOOD. He has specialized in "Effective Production" in Japan and Europe.

His personal mission coincides with the STOOS one. The mission to explore and share the good management practices that improve the environment of communication. He is motivated to improve people's efficiency and happiness when it comes to working habbits.

Nikolay believes that dreams come true and encourages people to be brave. He is interested in yoga, coaching, empathy, self-government and horizontal organizations. Niki enjoys reading and learning new languages, traveling with people from all around the world.

Nikolay was born and lives in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Became part of UnityHub network in 2018, because he seize the urge to change our lifestyle and our mindset. First step is creating entrepreneurial communities both locally and globally.

Nikolay believes that the rural development has the potential to encourage the young people to become part of the whole process. Thus the people would reevaluate the rural treasures and would be willing to contribute and stay in our country.

“You can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and still being in the business tomorrow.”

Stay with us!  
Stay with us!