Brief info

Petya is one of the locals and she was born in Botevgrad, Bulgaria. She is a photographer more than 15 years. Petya is a proactive person, who participates in many local activities, aiming at making the local region a popular touristic place.

One of most exciting project she was part of is "Wiki Botevgrad". This is he first wikitown in Bulgaria. Being part of this project, Petya has published reproductions of an old photos, exhibited in Botevgrad Historical Museum.

As soon as she founds out about UnityHub & ZeLLin House, she was more than happy to become part of this growing community, where she could easily contribute to the local development of the region.

Petya is in love with nature, she loves drawing, listening to nice music and long walks with her kids.

“Photography is my way to search the beauty. Drawing is my way to create it!”

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