Peace Coach & Aroma Meditation guide
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Yana is the person behind Medityana, guiding aroma meditations to help people discover and cultivate a self-sustaining and lasting happiness.

Yana's way is through meditation and she has been practicing meditations for 9 years. Now she is a certified Peace Coach by Peace Revolution. The type of meditations she guides are mindfulness meditations which she has been thought by Buddists Monks from Thailand (where Yana spent a whole month on a complete detox from social media - learning and practicing mindfulness from the monks).

She has studied primary school education in Germany and after that spent an year teaching and living in Czech Republic. After four years abroad, she comes back to Bulgaria. All this time she has considered Bulgaria her home.

In 2017 Yana decides to travel around Europe, attending different European projects. She was an NGO "Leadership Academy GLOW" volunteer, where she has been devoted for years.

Her mission now is to help people cope with the stress of living in the big city. How? By encouraging people to live a holistic way of life with essential oils and mindfulness.

Last but not least she grew up in Botevgrad and now she is one of our local UnityHub developers.

“Free your mind & Glow!”

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